Moments like these

I teach math. Granted, I teach math (and English) to Special Education students, but I still teach math.  When I got my current position, I didn’t tell my boss that I almost failed Algebra II in high school and had to take remedial Algebra in college.  (Sorry, boss.)  The weird thing about this whole situation is that I am actually enjoying teaching math.
So yesterday, I’m teaching two of my kiddos the “easy” way to combine like terms, and they’re looking at these gargantuan expressions like

…and I get them going on making columns and adding the integers, and one of my girls gets to the end of a really hard one and looks up at me with these great big eyes and says, “Miss!  I get this!  Can we do some more?!”

I swear to you, I almost started crying.  This child has been in my classroom off and on for three years, and has hated math every minute of it.  So when her lightbulb came on, and I got to see it, that right there is why I do what I do.  That’s why I am where I am.  And THAT is what it’s all about.

Oh no! Math !

Word count: 590


2 thoughts on “Moments like these

    • Thanks, Renee! Yeah, it was a pretty awesome day. Where I work, those really great teacher moments are kind of rare. This has been a pretty good year so far – I’ve had two! :)

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