What do you say

We start a club. 
It can be the You and Me
Club, or the Only We
Club, or something trendy like 
you&i because who doesn’t 
Love an ampersand? But
Whatever the
Name, it’ll only be
Our Club. You can be 
President, I will
Take notes, and 
Every meeting will
Come to order at our 
Favorite little cafe, you 
Order eggs, I’ll get the 
Pancakes, and coffee, please
for both the President and I.
Lilly will smile, bring our
Plates, coffee cups, 
And keep it coming
Because it’s cold 
Out today, and she knows
We’re good for a big
Fat tip.  She doesn’t mind
If the meeting takes 
A while.  The agenda 
Isn’t long, but the company
Is fine, and going back to
Real life just isn’t the 
Thing for a day like today,
With the snowy air 
Smelling all salty, and 
With plenty of warmth
In our clubhouse slash
Booth. Here comes Lilly 
With a fresh pot and more
Cream, because she just 
That we’ll stay until the 
Snow has done enough 
falling, and my 
Heart has done enough
Warming that the 
Two will cancel one
Another out. So out
We go, waving to 
Lilly, promising to see 
Her again next
Sunday, when the 
And I can make it
Back to our
Word count: 1397

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