False Idols

candle light vigil

I heard he used a garden hose,
wrapped it twice around himself,
and the other end around
a low-hanging branch, then jumped.
He wasn’t a small kid, so that branch
must have been pretty sturdy.

I heard his parents found him
early the next morning.
Can you imagine? His poor mother.
Said they had dinner together
the night before, and everything seemed fine.
There’s a brother, too.

I heard they think it could be related
to the other one. The football player.
Someone said they were together the night
before that guy ODed. Almost like
he felt responsible or something.
But nobody really knows, yet.

I heard they are going to do another
candle-light vigil at the high school,
but not the balloon release. This kid
wasn’t a star football player, after all.
They can’t do all those things every time
something like
happens. And now, all the teachers
talk in whispers and the counselors are
pacing up and down the hallways,
watching for copy-cats.


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