A Very Wonderful Thing

A Very Wonderful Thing happened today.  One of my students, who is back again for the 3rd or 4th time since I’ve been teaching here, began reading a new book this week (from the Bluford Series), and today I had to ask him to PUT IT DOWN so we could go to lunch!  He wanted to keep reading “because it’s getting good, Miss.”  This child used to stare blankly at a book for hours, daydreaming or dozing off, but my new Reading Log system means he HAS to read (something, anything, I don’t care if it’s a cereal box), and now he WANTS to finish it. I would bet money that he’s never finished a book – ever.  This is a magical event… I can’t even… I mean.  Wow.  (There were ALMOST tears; there was DEFINITELY clapping. But, you know, these are mini “tough” guys, so you can’t be all *excited girly moment* or they will shut down.)

I wanted to be all like


But I didn’t.

Until next time!


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