Nostalgia and Poetry… #5

Here’s another long-lost poem I have unearthed, having long forgotten about it, while cleaning out a little-used e-mail address.  I believe it was written in 2008, but I’m not sure.  Enjoy!

A Song for Midnight

Your hand heavy on my hip
as I sleep, grazes that soft skin
with a fingertip, a feather-light
kiss just behind my ear, a touch
to let me know you’re there.
To let you know it, too.

Is love this needy, this wanting,
forever? Or are we simply
two lonely souls who sought
each other out for comfort
and solemnly wait for

You find that soft curve
between back and breast,
and here your hand rests,
rough and comforting,
through this dark night
as peaceful Sleep finally
wraps me in her arms.

Do you remember
how to find the one
called Happiness?
Walk slowly, head bowed.
Take steady, deep breaths.

And sleep in the company
of strangers until
they are strange
no longer.


Thanks for stopping by.  Until next time…


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