Flirting with Feelings

I have for you today one tiny poem for one giant feeling… Enjoy!


flying high on clouds of sighs

living in moments of warmth
that linger like lollipop stickiness
on the corners of my mouth

(topic thanks to

Hey, you.
Yeah, you… come here for a sec.
Hey, would you mind helping me out a bit? Would you pick one of your favorite poem posts from this blog and reblog it on your blog? (Heh… that reminds me of a shirt I saw once…) Or maybe even share a link here on your Facebook page…?  Heck, you could do both, if you were so inclined.

Anyway… If you would do that for me, I’d really appreciate it.  There’d even be a hug in it for you… Like, a giant panda bear hug.  Just for you.  :)


4 thoughts on “Flirting with Feelings

  1. Love the imagery. The length of a poem is immaterial if the content is quality. I won a poetry competition in 2009 with two verses that had started out as five. I edited it down until I felt that only quality was left but thought it too short. It won and the adjudicator sang it’s praises for concise but satisfying imagery. It taught me a good lesson that I try to apply in my writing all the time: Quality is better than quantity!

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