So, the one thing that really sucks about my job is the grading.  Even though I only teach four periods a day, I could potentially be teaching 7 levels of both math and English at any given time.  Currently, these are the gradebooks I have…

That’s 15 individual gradebooks.  At the end of the year last year, I had 60-something.  Some have only one student in them, some have 3 or 4 (we are getting a slow start this year, and are only at about 40% capacity).  So, as I mentioned in another post, I give the same assignments to all of my English students, and math comes from our online curriculum.

The stack of papers I have to grade this morning (did I mention grades are due at noon, and I’m a procrastinator?) is far bigger than I’d like it to be.

Sigh.  Back to work.

Hope you have a wonderful Friday!

Until next time….


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