Mini Memoir – “A Letter to Myself at Fifteen”

A Letter to Myself at Fifteen


I was once sitting where you sit now, My Sweet, frowning and bitter at the idea of love. I know you are hurting, and the hurting may not stop any time soon, but you will learn to love someone again. You will love him so fiercely and with such selflessness that you will almost lose sight of yourself for a while.

And you will hurt again.

Next time, Child, the hurt will bruise your soul and turn it purple with clotted blood and send you into a deep darkness, but eventually you will find your way through the tunnel of sadness. One day, there will be light again to guide you back.

But you will hurt again. And again. And again. And I am sorry for that.

Every time you fall in love, Sweetheart, there will be pain in the landing. And you will fall in love many times, because your heart is tremendous. There is nothing wrong with hurting, My Dear. Pain is simply a reminder that you are still alive. Do not fear it, but do not seek it out. Refrain from doing things that you know will cause you suffering.

And I will not promise that the pain will ever end.

But along with pain, My Precious, you will find such joy with which to fill your life. You will build up walls to keep out the hurtful things, and you will decorate those walls with friendships as everlasting as time. And when you hurt again (because you shall, My Love), your friends will soften the blows; they will wrap themselves around you like down feather beds, to protect you from shattering into pieces.

So, Sweetheart, do not neglect your friends. Love them with every fiber of yourself. Because they will need you, too, someday, and you must be strong and steadfast – for them.

And never be afraid to fall in love.

Forever you(rs),



Dedicated to my Very Dear Friends (you know who you are).

me, at 15, with friends

I challenge you, dear readers, to write an advice letter to your younger self. What would you say to that Younger You? What did he or she need to know to guide them to be the person that you are now? Or would you warn them, encourage them, to make a different choice? The possibilities are endless…

Until next time…


7 thoughts on “Mini Memoir – “A Letter to Myself at Fifteen”

  1. “My Dear. Pain is simply a reminder that you are still alive.”
    It’s also a warning that something isn’t working right and that we must do something about it befpre it totally consumes us.

    • On a physical level, yes. On an emotional level, though, I think it’s a way to ground us… bring us back to the reality of our own life. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in others (especially those whom we love) that our psyche needs a way to remind us that we exist on our own, without that person. Pain can come from healing, as well as from injury.

  2. Wow, the idea of writing a letter to myself when I was in high school….I think I’d say something on the lines of “stop right there and quit being so stupid, you’re on a path to destruction, start making some better choices or you’ll regret it!” I don’t think I’d have listened though, I didn’t listen to anyone ;) This is a profound idea though, I’ll be thinking about this all day, nice post!

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