Five Things (That Made Me Smile)

Hello, my friends… I’ve been on a short hiatus while Grad School kicks my butt and I catch up on my Kindle reading.  But I have some fun new posts in the works, so never fear. Until then, here are some inspiring and pretty things I found Pinterest-ing this past week…

Pen/pencil holders from Crystal Light containers – cover with scrapbook paper and glue magnets to the back. Click the pic to see the source blog post. has the best ideas… and since I’m horrible a cake decorating, I think this might be my potluck submission this month. Click the pic to view source blog post.

This pic from makes my inner OCD self smile. Also, SO MANY BOOKS! Click the pic for the source blog post.

Just because this made me laugh. Click the pic for source blog post… has tons of great photography ideas!

That’s all for now!

Until next time…


8 thoughts on “Five Things (That Made Me Smile)

  1. LOL I love it. I am sorry to hear grad school is kicking your butt. I do love the pictures. The book thing…I like the colors but what about alphabetical order? I do like my towels color coordinated.

    • Alphabetical is good for libraries and bookstores. But when they’re in a house on display, rainbows are pretty. :) I almost (ALMOST) want to switch back to real books instead of Kindle. But ebooks are just more convenient.

      • Oh I do both. Kindle is for my non series. But if I love a series I HAVE to own them. ;)

        Hey did I see on you profile on my facebook fan page you live in P? I moved from P almost exactly a year ago. I grew up in that rodeo town…with the M…backwards as it was. Don’t judge me ;)

      • Ha! No way! Small world. I moved here about 4 years ago from Florida, but grew up in Illinois. I grew up in Amish country, so no judgement here! I’ve been to the rodeo once. Just about died of an asthma attack….

      • uh oh..asthma is evil. Yep..Was on the eastside where the city of Parker started. I miss it. Was going up there this weekend for a big party in downtown P. A new place Ice House. I am not sure it will work out because my sister’s husband is coming back the same time from war. I love the area though prettier here I miss all my friends. Okay enough of my book/blathering on.;)


      • Sounds like fun. I am not sure I could this time because if I do make it, time will be packed. But we will have to plan for it next time. Last time I was there was a month ago…so I mean it. :) It would be fun.

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