My New Obsession

Do you ever find yourself drawing spirals or boxes while you’re having a conversation on the phone, or while sitting in a meeting at work?  Did you ever get yelled at in school for doodling during a lecture?  Boy, I did.  Come to find out, that’s not only perfectly normal, but it’s good for the brain!  Here’s a TEDtalk on why doodling is a good thing – and explains why I will never yell at my students for doodling in class (unless it’s gang tagging, of course).  Doodling really is a brain-building activity!

Have you heard of Zentangles?  I found a book at Michael’s the other day while picking up some supplies for my other obsession(s): scrapbooking (I also paint, sew, and embroider – and I’m starting an art journal calendar project to add to my scrapbooks.  Did you know I was so artsy?  Art was my minor in college…. but I digress…)

So, Zentangles have become part of my daily ritual. “Zen” is a fitting prefix, because after doodling for a while, I feel that my mind is less bogged down, and my stress levels are improved.  I also get some really great ideas for teaching and writing while I doodle.  Don’t worry, though, you don’t need to buy a book for this.  Instead, check out my Pinterest board for all kinds of doodle ideas and patterns to play with.  If you’re intimidated by this, start small – like on a sticky note or the back of a business card.  Once your muscle memory takes over, you can doodle and still participate in meetings or conversations without missing a beat.  Some of your doodles might even turn into frame-worthy works of art!

And, just in case you’re curious, here are some of my Zentangles from this week.

The last two are just beginnings – I’ll go back and fill in the spaces with patterns or even words.  (Also, forgive the crappy picture quality…)

I hope I’ve inspired you to try doodling!  Get those creative juices flowing, and let me know how it goes!

Until next time…


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