Sydney and Clara… Teaser 1


s n c

The first thing I noticed was the silver and blue flames swirling around on the shiny helmet under her slim, leather-clad arm.  As my eyes moved up her arm following the rich, brown leather, over her shoulder, and along the tan skin of her neck, I knew I was in trouble.  That curve between shoulder and jaw are my downfall.  As smooth as hers looks, even from this far away, I am consumed by the urge to bury my nose and mouth against it, to smell and taste it.

I have to drag my eyes away from that magical place and back to my date, Scott.  He’s talking about his job, or his car – I can’t remember which.  I smile half-heartedly and nod.  Hopefully he believes that I’m really listening.  He’s totally my type; muscular and tattooed and kind.  Too kind.  He’s safe, which I think is part of the problem.  I’m bored.

I look past his shoulder again.  Her short blonde hair and the delicate features of her face would make her look like a pixy if she weren’t wearing the leather jacket, blue jeans and boots.  She’s scanning the restaurant, looking for someone, when all of a sudden her eyes land on mine.  Caught staring, damnit!  She’s too far away to be sure, but her eyes are bright.  Green or maybe blue.  It doesn’t matter.  I want her.  As the realization hits me, I feel one corner of my mouth tilt upward slightly.  She’s still looking at me, and I think I see her begin to smile, too.

This date was set up by my roommate, Amanda, who thought she was doing us both a favor.  We’d been out a few times, and I let him kiss me after the second date.  But I didn’t feel anything.  No sparks or fireworks or butterflies in my belly.  Story of my life, I think, sighing.  But her… I don’t even know her name, and the butterflies are stirring deep inside me.

“Everything alright, Syd?” Scott asks, looking at me with furrowed brows.  He’s either stopped talking or he’s asked me a question and I missed it.

He moves to look behind him at what I’ve been staring at, so I grab his hand and smile, dropping my head and looking up at him through my lashes.  “Sorry, just daydreaming.”

He grins, probably thinking I meant that I was daydreaming about sleeping with him.  So wrong, buddy, I think.  I sigh softly to myself and let my eyes flicker back toward the door where she had been standing.  She’s gone. Damn.

“Would you excuse me a moment?  I need to find the ladies room.”

“Hurry back,” he says, squeezing my hand before letting it go.  I stand a little too quickly, realizing that my three glasses of wine are starting to kick in and my legs feel slightly like jell-o.  From the wine, or from her smile?

As I walk toward the restroom, I scan the room for her, but don’t find her.  I frown as I lift my arm to push open the door, and walk into the dimly lit ladies room studying the tile at my feet and shaking my head in disappointment.

“Everything okay?”  My eyes jerk up toward the voice, and I meet her eyes in the mirror.  She’s taking off her jacket, and as it slides off of her shoulder, I see a tattoo that peeks out from beneath the collar of her t-shirt and climbs up the back of her neck.  My mouth falls open, and I feel my eyes widen.  Don’t drool, Sydney.  Do NOT drool!  I snap my mouth shut, plaster on a too-big smile, and take another few steps into the restroom toward the sink next to her, never letting my eyes leave hers in the mirror.

“Yep, everything’s great actually.  Thanks.  I’m Sydney.”

“Clara.”  There’s a hint of a smile on her lips, now, but she looks like she’s fighting to keep it in check.  Her eyes fall away from mine, down to my chest, and back up quickly, like she’s afraid to get caught staring.  That’s okay, honey, I picked this low-cut top for a reason.  I just didn’t know you were the reason at the time.  The thought makes me smile wider.

“So… you ride a motorcycle?” I ask.

“What?” she blinks a few times and her brows come together, giving her forehead a cute crinkle in the middle. I gesture toward her helmet and jacket lying beside her on the counter.  She seems just as flustered as I am.  That’s a good sign.

“Oh,” she says, dropping her gaze to the faucet, “yeah, I do.”  There’s a hint of a blush creeping up to her cheeks.  If her skin weren’t so tan, they would probably be scarlet.

“I love motorcycles.”  I lean forward, turning on the water and soaping my hands.  I glance at her from the corner of my eye just in time to catch her gaze fall on my cleavage, even more pronounced in this position.  I rinse my hands and turn off the water, then look around for the paper towels.  Conveniently, they are right next to her.  I lean in close, reaching across her chest to grab a handful of them, letting my breasts brush against her bare arm.  As I pull back, I get a whiff of vanilla.  She smells like cookies.  Mmm… Oh, God, did I just moan out loud? 

She’s taller than me, putting my eyes level with her mouth, so I see them part ever so slightly as I move back away from her.  I dry my hands, leaning one hip against the counter so that I’m facing her square on now.  She’s still square to the mirror, but her head is turned toward me.

“Did that hurt?” I ask, reaching out slowly, and running the tip of my finger lightly over the piercing on the little hump inside her ear.  I barely hear her breath catch.

She clears her throat, and says, “No, not really.  It’s called a tragus.”  That faint smile is tugging at the corners of her mouth again, and I let my hand fall away.

A knock on the door bursts the bubble we’d been in, and I cringe when I hear Scott’s muffled voice asking if I’m okay.  Shit.  Shit, shit, shit. 

“I’m fine. Just a minute,” I shout toward the door, without breaking eye contact with Clara.  I let out a small sigh, and smile apologetically.

“Is that your boyfriend?” Clara asks.  I think I hear a hint of weariness in her voice.

“Pfft!  No way.  A friend set us up, but we’re just dating.”  Her eyes brighten at that, so I continue, “I don’t see it going anywhere, either.  He’s a nice guy, but not really what I’m looking for, ya know?”

That gets me a real smile, big enough that I can just barely make out the tiny gap between her two front teeth.

“Wow,” I almost whisper to myself.


“Your smile is completely adorable.”

She looks down and away from me, still smiling.  The blush is back, too.  Hot damn, I’m in trouble.

“Go out with me.”  I blurt it out so fast, I’m not sure she understands what I just said.  Until she looks back up at me and nods once.

“I’d like that.  A lot.”

I reach for my purse and pull out a pen, praying that it works, and take her hand, flipping it palm up in mine.  I write my number on the inside of her wrist and my name underneath.  Then I bring it to my mouth, and raise my eyes to hers, pressing my lips to her palm lightly.  “Promise you’ll call me?”

She tilts her head to the side, like she’s giving it thought.  Then grins, and nods once.

“You better,” I smile.  “I’ll be waiting.”  I turn to leave and take a few steps before looking back over my shoulder at her.  Her eyes are on my ass, which, of course, is exactly what I’d hoped for.  I pull the door open, and wave slightly before stepping back into the restaurant and coming face-to-face with Scott.



2 thoughts on “Sydney and Clara… Teaser 1

  1. That was… intriguing. It took me a couple of paragraphs to figure out what was going on, which is a good thing here. Great description, and the mood shifts to being just mildly erotic enough. I look forward to Part II. :)

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