The thing about writing

writingWriting breeds schizophrenia.  You see, I’m hearing voices.  There are people inside my head.  People who haven’t been invented yet, but are screaming at me to put them on a page, draw a verbal picture of them, breath life into their dialog, and set them free.

Writing is a drug.  If I don’t get my fix today, I’m going to do something desperate.  Like eat a box of Thin Mints.  Or take a nap.  Because if I can’t get these words out, I have to shut them up somehow.  They seem to like cookies.  And dreams.

I know why addicts can’t hold down a job.  They can’t focus on anything but the next hit, the next high.  At least my high is cheaper.

Tap a vein and hold on tight.  I’ll make you feel good tonight.


One thought on “The thing about writing

  1. I know what you mean, Kelli but real life still has the power to get in the way and stop me getting my fix! It’s often because non-writing friends and relations think it’s unimportant or something that only professionals do. I don’t know where they think established writers started!

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