Mini Author Interview with Abbi Glines (!!!!) on Self-Publishing

Welcome to the first installment of Mini Author Interviews.  This first group of fabulous people are here to answer questions about self-publishing – a topic close to my heart as I pursue my own self-publishing venture.  And who better to gain advice from than Ms. Abbi Glines of the infamous Vincent Boys Series, the Existence Trilogy, the Sea Breeze Series, and Fallen Too Far?!  (AKA: She’s written a ton of books!  And also, I’m a bit of a fangirl…)



KK: Why did you initially choose to go the self-publishing route rather than to query publishing companies?fallen too far
AG:  I actually did query publishers first. Breathe was published by a small publishing house in California called Wild Child Publishing. It was after Breathe released that I    decided I could do this on my own. I had already signed Existence with this publisher. I wrote The Vincentnever too far Boys and self published it. Simply because I could do everything the small publishing house was doing for me and keep all the money for myself. 
KK:  Are you surprised by the fierce and loyal following you’ve amassed since you began writing novels?
AG:  YES! I never imagined that I would even have a “following”. I hoped someone would read my book and enjoy it. That was as far as I let myself dream. The fact I have so many readers amazes me. existence
KK:  How did you market your first few novels? Did you hire anyone to help?
AG:  I never hired marketing help. I started figuring out the social networks and how to get visibility on Twitter, Facebook and even my blog. I gave copies of my books to reviewers and did a couple blog tours. That’s really all I did. 
KK:  What are some of the pros and cons between self-publishing and getting picked up by a publishing company?
AG:breathe  Self publishing you are in control. You get to make all the decisions with cover design, release date and how you market. You also control the price of your book and can drop its price whenever you want to. You can release seven books in a year like I did in 2012. 
Traditional publishing however has some serious pros. The marketing a big publishing house like Simon &Schuster can put behind your book is nothing you can afford or accomplish as a self pubbed author. Walking into Wal-Mart and seeing my books on the shelves is also something that will never ever get old. Those aren’t things I could have done in self-publishing. Having a team as dedicated to selling your book as you are is priceless.
Thank you so much, Abbi!
Check out her website at and be sure to pick up her amazing novels on Amazon or Barnes and Noble!  Also be sure to “Like” Abbi on Facebook.  You never know when she’ll be giving away signed books and other goodies!
Later this month, look for my review of Fallen Too Far on Brain Candy Reviews just in time for the sequel Never Too Far, coming February 26th!

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