Mini Author Interview with Heidi McLaughlin on Self-Publishing

Continuing with our Mini Author Interview series, here is Heidi McLaughlin, author of the New York Times Bestseller Forever My Girl, the first book in her Beaumont Series!


KK:  Why did you initially choose to go the self-publishing route rather than to query publishing companies?
HM:  I queried my first story and didn’t want to go through the process of waiting and waiting again. 
KK:  Are you surprised by the fierce and loyal following you’ve amassed since you began writing novels?
HM:  Beyond surprised, but I’m loving it. 
KK:  How did you market your first few novels? Did you hire anyone to help?
HM:  I did a blog tour and a lot of word of mouth.
forever my girl

KK:  What advice would you give to someone who is an aspiring author regarding self-publication?

HM:  Find someone you trust that is going to be brutally honest with you about your story and ask a lot of questions.
KK: Would you consider selling rights to a publishing company, or would you rather continue to self-publish?  Why or why not?
HM:  It’s my goal to see my books in stores, so yes I would consider it, but I would also still self-publish.
Thank you, Heidi!
If you haven’t read Forever My Girl yet, add it to your to be read pile now!  Find it on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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