Mini-view with AL Jackson… on writing process

Welcome back to our (ir)regularly scheduled Author Mini-Interviews.  It’s been a crazy week here in KelliLand… Work is… ugh, school is… bleh… and life is… sheesh… I mean, I’m dead in the water over here these days!

Aaaaanywho….. I have a treat for you today!  Since we’ve been going strong with our mini-interviews on self-pub v. trad-pub, I wanted to break up the flow a bit (because I’m a writer, and it’s what we do, Yo) and bring you this awesome advice from one of my favorite authors, the lovely and talented AL Jackson.  Her novels are not only romantic stories of heartbreak and redemption, but are also fantastic pieces of literature.  Ms. Jackson knows just how to tell a story that keeps you riveted and doesn’t let go – housework, childcare, and job be damned!  You won’t be able to put these novels down.  (Check out my review of Lost To You over at Brain Candy.)

al jackson

Let’s get started, shall we?


Hey, Al  ;)

Ok, ready for your mini-interview?  I wanted to ask a bit about your writing process…

1.  Do you write an outline?  If so, do you always follow it?

I do always write out an outline. They really help to keep me on track. But I don’t think I’ve ever written a book where the outline didn’t change somewhat in the process of writing. There are always different ideas that occur to me as I’m writing, so I have to be flexible.

2.  Do you have any tricks or tips for avoiding or overcoming writer’s block?

I get up and either go for a run or take a shower. For some reason, both of those things help to unlock whatever it is that is stuck in my head.
3.  I know you’re co-owner of a publishing company, and you spend some of your time editing for other authors… How do you balance your time between writing your own stories and editing others?
It can be hard sometimes, but I try to set aside specific writing time for myself. I have an office, but I do all of my best writing in my room with the blinds closed and the lights off, so I try to be sure I’m tucked away in there for at least a few hours a day.
4.  Who edits for you?  Do you get input from other reviewers before publishing?
I have several editors, including a couple who work with Sapphire Star Publishing, who are fantastic. And yes, I love getting input from reviewers before publishing. I’ve gotten some of the absolute best recommendations from reviewers just because they’re the ones who know what they love to read. It’s very helpful and I always appreciate a reviewer who takes the time to give me feedback.
5.  What’s the best writing advice you’ve ever received?
Well, it might sound cliche, but never give up. There are some days when I want to because this business can be very discouraging, so I always have to remember there WILL be bad days. Another piece of advice I learned early on is how important editing is. If you’re going to self-publish, be sure to invest in editing. It will make all the difference with your book.

Thank you so much for inviting me on, Kelli!


Thanks so much, Al!  Can’t wait to read your next novel.  Follow AL Jackson on her website, Facebook, and Twitter (@aljacksonbooks).

Happy Hump Day, Bloggers! Go treat yourself to something today – Lord knows I need to.  I think I see a massage in my crystal ball…..


Until next time…


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