Lol, txt me l8r. Slash language rocks

So, being an English teacher, and having studied grammar a LOT in high school and college, I have a soft spot for it. There have been days in class that I’ve gone off on ranting tangents about why my students are killing me with their use of “txt talk” in essays or short stories.

As it turns out, I’ve been wrong. I know, right?! Me? Wrong?! LOL….

Here, watch this…

So, you see… As readers, writers and teachers, English teachers especially, while we have a passionate affection for our beloved language, we cannot be so profane in our hatred of the emergence of what is an ever-changing, ever-evolving organism… Language.


One thought on “Lol, txt me l8r. Slash language rocks

  1. You’re sooo right. You know the zds (no apostrophy, period) are coming back? Seems they left on the Mayflower and we evolved into “s” users – but the “z”s didn’t die off, and now we’re using them! Is that amasing, or what?

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