Teaching technology

I know, it’s been a while…

So, I’m taking my first principal certification class, and here’s the assignment for this week:

For this week’s discussion forum,interview a technology leader in your school or district. Use the following questions as your guide for the interview:

  1. What is the school vision for technology?
  2. If technology were removed, what learning would be impossible/impaired?
  3. How do you support professional development?
  4. What is the best “advice” you can give to yourself for moving technology/learning forward in a way that will make more progress for all students?

Hmm…. Here are my thoughts:

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like this topic is a bit outdated?  I know very, very few classroom teachers (let alone administrators) who DON’T feel like technology is important and encourage its use in the classroom… I’m 30 and grew up using computers.  I think instead of focusing on the USE of technology in the classroom, it’s more important that we teach our students media literacy – how to decipher good vs. bad internet content, and quality vs. quantity.  While my district has tons of technology PD’s geared toward how to use software in the classroom, we have very little for media literacy in the classroom.  My district’s technology vision only deals with use of technology to enhance learning, but doesn’t define the quality of that learning.  Word clouds and videos are fun to make, and I’m sure they might help motivate some students, but in a world where just about everyone has a smartphone, I’m more concerned with teaching them critical thinking regarding web 2.0 tools and how to use them effectively to represent what they’ve learned.  Why spend a class period teaching them to create a website? They can most likely figure it out faster than you can teach them.  They need to know how to find good information to put on the website, copyright law, and writing structure in the classroom.  Let them make the website on their own time.  Maybe it’s just me…



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